Hi, my name is Matt, and I'm a freelance writer.

I help businesses grow by writing articles, long-form blog posts and news releases. This helps your company grow by: 

• Positioning you as a thought leader in your field. 
• Attracting new visitors to your site through organic search. 
• Getting more shares and likes on social media. 
• Moving visitors through the buyer’s journey to generate leads.

About me

Pleased to meet you! I am a writer and creative editorial professional with 15 years of experience writing approachable copy for organizations of all sizes. I specialize in business writing, helping to develop and communicate company messages to maximize engagement with target audiences. 

I started writing professionally in 2001 with a job as an associate editor at a niche trade magazine. I started freelance writing in 2003, on both a part-time and full-time basis. Along the way, I’ve worked in journalism, custom publishing and creative agencies. My favorite hobby is, no surprise, reading. 

Check out my work

Here are a few highlights from my portfolio.